Creative, healthy, spicy and sweet breakfast-place discovery!

So finally I am exploring somewhere else in the U.K than London. I know it is a bit embarrassing now I’ve been living here for 8-9 months and I still haven’t moved out anywhere from the capital city – but coming from a much smaller city, Copenhagen, London has kind of been “enough” so far, as it takes forever to first off all get used to, know and actually feel connected to this crazy city.
With that said I really don’t want all my associations with the UK to be about London, because I know that there is much more to it I have yet to experience. Right now my experience is very stressed, fun, vibrant with a crazy high level off different cultures and people, long waiting at restaurants and lots of amazing events happening wherever you look. And I am interested in what impressions I will get elsewhere 😊

So; my second day in Sheffields now, visiting my sweet sister – which have been so nice. Except(!) for the fact that I have had a stiff neck (don’t know if that is the right expressions in English) ever since I woke up this morning – because of being too cold in the night – and actually haven’t been able to move my head all day. I am feeling like an old lady.. Anyway trying to not think about it by talking lots of painkillers, having good conversations and drinking some nice wine.

Anyway; it shouldn’t sound like I don’t love London which I do! – I just also like cultures, getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing different places and treasures. While I like cities I also love nature, piece and chillness.
One of the things I love most about London though is it amazing and vibrant food and restaurant scene and especially it many food markets, and the amount of delicious street food 👏
So I was in east London in the weekend, as me and my boyfriend wanted to go to the market, but first we ended up eating breakfast at Andina, based in Shoreditch Highstreet – a South American inspired, (mostly )healthy, alternative and cozy small place.

We got the poached eggs and pancakes, but it wasn’t ordinary a traditional version of the breakfast dishes – but spicy poached eggs with root mash and sweet potato pancakes with exotic berries. I think it is one of the best breakfasts I have had in London actually – and the rest of the menu made my really curios – and I will definitely be back soon, either for lunch or for dinner. So wired because their sister tapas restaurant in Soho, a bit closer to me, wasn’t something to write about at all. It is also two different concepts, but usually sister branches tend to match pretty good in quality. Oh well this place is definitely worth trying! – in Shoreditch 😊 Remember to make a booking if you plan to go weekend brunching. Matching its deliciousness it is really popular.

Have a great weekend all❤