A constant feeling and sent of clean and cozyness !

Hey yous ❤

So this weekend I went to visit my sister in Sheffield.
Except for an unexpected injury, I had a lovely time in the beautiful city and enjoyed seeing both my sis and another side of the UK. Sheffield is a student city so there is young people everywhere you look, dressed in a cool mix of contemporary and vintage clothing – very very different from London I don’t think I saw óne single suit.

The walking shopping street was giant with plenty of room for the amount of people, there is a tramp driving through the city and a botanic garden in the middle of everything! Sheffield is much more of an outside city compared to London, with lots and lots of parks and gardens – and it was such a shame it was raining all the time. But what can you expect in England really. What I liked the most was definitely the chillness and the nature AND the restaurant pricing, but would probably miss all the events, constant restaurant openings and street life from London.
We eat at some cozy places with lots of delicious food. I especially liked this Canadian waffle and pancake place we eat at the first day 😊 they had some interesting and sooo delicious options, like a waffle with Brie and chill jam 😉 oh yes.


What I also wanted to tell you about is my amazing one purchase I did there; a sent diffuser from Skandinavisk. It has been impossible for me to buy the ones that I wanted in London, as there have always been sold out of the best (my favourite) senses. I have completely fallen in love in the ö one, which is an Islandic inspired sent off collness and Nature. There is a little hint of like a (really good) mans perfume in it, which actually works well. And the entire room you put it in will smell so so delicious, relaxed and fresh at the same time! If you are into diffusers that doesn’t smell perfume-ish this is the brand to choose. The best one I have tried so far! And if you are into scented candles I could really recommend trying a diffuser instead as scented candles are actually not that good for your lungs (something I recently found out about – but that I could probably have thought my self to).

I have written about the Skandinavisk brand – here – before and now that I actually have it in my home I had to do it again, as I feel just how much a fresh and nice background sense do for my feeling of cleaness and ease when I am home. And it doesn’t hurt that your guests feel like you home spells super clean and fresh when they step in 😉
The diffusers, and the rest of the Skandinavisk series, can just be bought on their website and I know Liberty London have them as well 🙂

Oh guys I think I might call it a very early night to night. I am exhausted and have a lot on my plate these days. A lot. I recently started a new internship, which is super exiting, but it always takes that much extra energy, when you have to start something new. I am exited about everything that is going on though – but – I am looking forward to a well deserved vacation in the end of May – AND – my recently booked birthday trip to Paris in the first weekend of May. Yay!

– Maja