A new FAVOURITE London restaurant – that you have to try

Hey all ❤

I have been wanting to share this restaurant experience with you ever since et eat there last week – and I think it is my new favourite restaurant in London (!)👏
It’s a close tie between this an Vanilla Black, which has been my previous all time fav restaurant in London. It is also pretty amazing and the food is to die for, but I still think that this restaurant in Soho called The Palomar still just rates a little bit higher in my book, as both the food was amazing, but (just as important) also the atmosphere in the restaurant was really chill and cozy (while there still was this fine dining wibe). Something that a lot of other restaurants, especially in London, doesn’t manages in the same way. It is really important for me when eating out that I can feel relaxed and enjoy the company with my friends, family or whoever – and I really think that this fancy and servant-ish attitude which some waiters and restaurants is “going by” can make the whole experience a bit to intense.

The coziness of the restaurant, which entails a certain kind of lighting, did make it really hard to take decent pictures – so not the best documentation. In this case don’t let the pictures speak for the experience 🙂



“Unfortunately” the Palomar isn’t exclusively vegetarian, like my other favourite is, but there is so many veggie choices and on top of that is the staff super helpful and suggests several other dishes which work well as vegetarian options as well – and if most of your friends aren’t vegetarians (as in my case) I actually think it is a big plus, that there is something for everybody.

Okay back to the actual experience. The food is served in small tapas sized dishes – which I looove. Actually very similar to Ottolenghihere – another London fav. The small sized dishes “matched really well” together, in a way I usually don’t experience that much other places, and which I thought was super genius. They had several smaller dishes which were meant to “pimp up” other bigger dishes. Like a nipple dish called “the spicy experience”, ment to of course spice up the other choices if you are into spicy food. We of course had to have that (kind of turned into a competition in who could eat the spiciest chili, whole and raw, – but that is just us). The beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese was soooo good, and the truffle oil mash potato side was just to die for (I have a serious truffle weakness). AND the bread was really really tasty as well. I know it might not seem so important, but from my experience can you often tell how good the food is going to be from the taste of the starter bread dish which most places do or offer. I call it the bread-standard 😊
AND the dessert guys. The dessert …
Compared to how much food we got, dessert, and a bottle of wine, I thought is was cheap, compared to the quality of the food and the atmosphere of the place. Another big plus! Though I do have to say; as we only picked the veggie options, I am not sure how much the price will change if you go for a lot of the more expensive meet and fish. Either way I am a 100% sure you will think it is worth it, if you are into middle eastern, innovative and modern food!


The only (really big) minus is that you actually have to order a table over one month in advance, or two months if you want to eat a Friday or Saturday.. and even though I am a planner and organiser, it is rarely I know exactly what I will be doing in 5 weeks in advance. You can always just book a table and then, when the time comes, take whoever wants and is available with you. Though I might think they recently included a fee and you have to give your credit card information when you book, so you have to be kind of sure you’ll be able to make it 😞



My parents, sister and boyfriend are all coming on a short visit in the end of April and I was asked to come of with some nice restaurant suggestions, and I off courses checked if the Palomar should happen to have a table then – I actually checked the second after I tried it last weekend. Luckily they had (a Monday) – so that was perfect, and I am so Looking forward to eating there again!

– Maja



  • Flemming

    Det ser godt. Glæder mig til at spise der til påske.

    • Maja Harder

      DET burde du også 🙂 Glæder mig til at I kommer