Sneaks, sneaks, sneaks IV

I know that these sneaks are fundamentally different, but I still wanted to share them with you as they are both on my top sneakers-to-buy list and I think they (in different ways) are perfect for spring!

Fila is on of the many 90s brand who has totally made a comeback now and which I think is super cool – and fun to use as contrast to girly or more classical and minimalistic pieces.
I also really love the green sneaks from BillyBi, they are so pretty and classic, and I think they perfectly captures the loafer-trend while still being a cool, and a bit less lady-like. The green colour will also look really cool in contrast to all the pink that is going on right now.


1. FILA – here 2. BilliBi – here


I don’t know what is happening with the London weather btw. Last week; sitting outside at the pub, in a t-shirt, drinking beer was happening(!) I even drastically bought a new pair of sunglasses and I very summerish and girly pink iPhone cover – just totally feeling the atmosphere. But then this week I was pulling my beanie back out again from the back of the closet again. In the meantime I was getting snaps with people walking without jackets in bright sunshine in Copenhagen. Even though I try it is hard to be completely happy for them.
Today have been absolutely amazing though! I finally got to use my awesome new sunglasses and I am really hope the skizo whether decides to stay here 😎

Well, even though there might still go a little while before we completely can feel the warm spring and summer there is nothing wrong with preparing your wardrobe for spring – which is sooo much more fun than preparing it for winter.

Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend

– Maja