The perfect spring jacket!

YAY the good weather have been staying for several days now, and it is so amazing ! Since we switched to Summertime the nights have gotten even longer as well, which, for me, is just as important as the sunshine. There is nothing worse than it being dark when you leave in the morning and when you go home in the afternoon! And the best thing in the world is just these long and warm summer nights, grilling, drinking wine and wearing beautiful summer dresses at 10 in the evening!


Jacket, Monki – here // Sunglasses, &OtherStories – here //
Skirt, Adidas – here // Shoes, Nike – here //
Jumper, Mads Norgaard – here // Bag, Karl Lagerfeld – here


The nice weather even inspired me to invest in this spring jacket from Monki – here, which I think is absolutely perfection. It is classic, edgy, minimalistic and detailed at the same time – and budget-friendly 😉 It is going to be absolutely ideal as a spring jacket before it gets really hot, and I can perfectly use it now with a jumper underneath (if the weather decides to stay like this I mean). I am always like; when I have put on my shorts or dress or spring jacket for the first time in a season, then it means it is official – and I refuses to go back! I am one of these persons who will try to wear shorts way to long after summer is gone, just to stay longer in the wibe, refusing to make the winter arrival official 🙈
Spring is actually my favourite season – and here I mean May not March. Not only because it is my birthday, but also because I love feeling the summer and light coming, the flowers blossom (very cliche but yes it is beautiful and makes me smile) and just going towards an amazing time. Where Summer (especially in Denmark), even though it is amazing, is happening for such a short time that, towards the end, I can’t help but thinking that it will only get colder going forward. So yea spring is the best time for me – and everybody just seems so happy as well. Starting to were their sunglasses and letting their hair out. Even though English people are actually worse than Danish with “feeling the Summer way to early” I have seen several people on the street with summer dresses and bare arms – it is not there we are yet guys.

Sweet dreams everyone 🙂

– Maja