Amazing and authentic Italian pizzas – right in Soho

After having had this place recommended by two, separate, Italian friends, I really had to try it. I looove basically all Italian food(/wine); pizza, lasagna (vegetable), risotto, olives, cheese – and most of all pasta 👏 but there can be a really big difference in the experience depending on who makes it and where you get it, and as much as I love good Italian food, I also really hate something like a tasteless pasta dish with bad quality cheese.

Well at this very Italian atmosphered restaurant – Princi (really cute name btw) – I kind of got the wibe, both from the menu and also from the massive take away counter display – that it was pizza I should go for. And I was right because the pizzas were sooo good. Really delicious. There wasn’t any weirdness or innovativeness to them, but was just well made food with good commodities which they also have on display throughout the restaurant. And even though I love innovative food which give me something new, I could also truly appreciate the simplicity and quality of the pizzas here – they had a fantastic taste. There were several vegetarian options, so that wasn’t a problem at all. And if you decide to order by slice, there are even more options.


Apparently the menu changes from season to season depending on which commodities that are available – a concept more and more restaurants swear by and which makes so much sense to me! Especially a place like this where it really is the quality and richness of every single vegetable that makes all of the taste experience.
Will for sure be back – though it is probably best a weekday as it is a really popular place (as almost every place in soho is).

I really love having this blog and doing small write up, especially right now, while writing exams. It can be really really heavy on the head in the end. And when only writing and reading about academic theories, it feels amazingly good to write about something real and simple – even if it is just for a little while – and even if it is just pizzas ☺

– Maja



  • Mirjam Therese

    Nice! I feel that if Italians actually recommend a pizza place anywhere out of Italy you kind of have to go there! And this do
    look absolutely amazing 😀

  • Maja Harder

    Haha yes exactly – they know how they like their pizza 🙂 An it really was so good!

  • Peggy

    Love it! You are blessed to live in London haha! Enjoy :).

  • Maja Harder

    Thank you Peggy. Yes London is definitely a vibrant food scene, and kind of a foodie paradise 😀

  • Ashley

    That pizza look sooooo good. I’m jealous!

    The Bookworm Beauty

    • Maja Harder

      It waaaas really good 🙂 A visit worth if you are ever in the area!