Dreaming of a colourful swimsuit

So I have decided to buy a girly and colourful swimsuit. Just because it is time to come away from all these scandinavian and minimalistic black and white shades, which I sometimes tend to get stuck in, and truly embrace all the clouds going on this season!
I have always just sticked to bikinis, but this year it is gonna change. Both as there is so many beautiful pieces out there right now, and I got inspired, and also as it kind of makes sense for me to have a swimsuit, When your’re not on vacation, but still want to do some tanning in one of the parks or something. Then a bathing suit and some shorts seem a little bit more, I don’t know, appropriate. Not that there is anything wrong with tanning in a bikini in a park, it really isn’t that much different than at the beach, but I would just still feel more comfortable a little bit more covered up 🙈
These are my absolute favorite (and affordable) pieces out there right now!


1. TopShop – here // 2. Zara – here // 3. Zara – here
// 4. TopShop – here // 5. Stories – here

First I totally had my eye set on this soooo cute and adorable piece from TopShop, and think I have been looking at it in the store 3 times now – the coolest thing about it that is actually have two sites and can be turned inside out, green or pink – depending and the mood and accessories.
But – then I saw Zara’s swimwear collection and wauw 👏 So many beautiful pieces as well. The oriental purple piece is especially on the top of my wish list.
You can see I am really embracing the colours and girlyness..

I actually think I am just gone reuse my two bikinis from last year – I only got to wear them like 3 times do to the unpredictability Copenhagen (and London) weather.

– Maja


  • Mirjam Therese

    I really like the one from TopShop too! Especially the green color 🙂

  • Maja Harder

    Yes, I really think it is the perfect mix between sporty and elegant! It is super cute 🙂