Halluuuu ❤

The reason why I haven’t really been active here like I usually am, is that I have been laying sick for 4 days (again?!) this week and the weekend, with a throat infection. I therefore haven’t been doing anything, to report about, other than staying in my, being bored, in pain and feeling sorry for not being able to enjoy the nice weather.
After having to go home in the middle of work and finding out I had another infection, I have tried to slow down a little bit, though hard when you are busy. I have been in a very very busy period of my life, and maybe I have taken on too much, and I am sure my pretty high stress level have something to do with my immune system. So from now on I will try to at least get enough sleep, and also just take some time to my self every week, where I just relax. Even though I think I am one of the worst persons at this I think it is important, and I have just decided that it is something I have to do. We all have to.

Anyway, yesterday I was feeling all good again, and went out to eat at a super interesting restaurant with a friend! A place we had talked about trying sometime, as it actually serves ONLY cheese and wine 🍷 yes only. Creatively enough it is called the Cheese Bar. And it was pretty amazing if you ask me. I get it might be hard to imagine how that could work without feeling completely bloated afterwards- but all the small tapas cheese dishes are cooked with different side ingredients that complement the cheeses and in such a nice way! It was so good guys!
And the dessert! Omg the dessert! It was actually blue cheese ice cream. I didn’t expect it to taste that much of blue cheese, but it did, and it was heavenly – I mean it just worked somehow.



The cheese bar is in Camden market and it is quit popular so expect to que. though it is a virtual que and you can just go work around the market, or get a drink somewhere, while you wait, and they will text you when your table is ready. Prices are quit fair, and another good thing is that you can both dine in and out, which I am sure will be so nice in the warmer months.
I know I have to be back here very soon, and guys if you like cheese and wine then please do your self the favour and try it too 😊

– Maja