Good evening friends 😘

I have not checked-in that much lately, not because I have been sick as the other week – and therefore didn’t have anything interesting to tell you – but because I have been doing stuff constantly for the last 5 days, and this is the first time in a while where I am actually alone..
I have had “the big family trip” coming to London this weekend, which was so nice – but it also happened in a very stressful moment – so now I really have to focus my energy to get everything done!
But I can do it – and I have to tell you guys that I have been eating a loot of nice food this weekend – and there is plenty that are more than worthy of making it to the blog – so I want to share some nice restaurant recommendations with you soon.

Sweater, Mads Norgaard – here // Trousers, Zara – similar here //
Kimono, Envii – here // Sneakers, Nike – here //
Bag, Karl Lagerfeld – here

This was my outfit the other day, where it was cold, but not that cold, warm, but not that warm, if you know what I mean – perfect for my wool jumper – here and kimono – here. The style wibes was very pinky and geisha at the same time – perfectly fitting to the atmosphere of this season if you ask me – and perfectly fitting to the (soon to be gone for this season) beautiful cherry tress!



Now I will hurry in bed, as I am sooo exhausted! I think I will pass out the second I take out my linses!

– Maja



  • Rachel

    Love you jumper, looks like it matches the blossom trees!

    Starlight & Stitches

    • Maja Harder

      Thank you so much Rachel – yes it did – I love the pink colours this time a year 🙂