Yesterday H&M’s conscious exclusive collection came out, and isn’t it one of the prettiest collections you have seen from H&M in a long time? I think it is absolutely stunning – and perfect for if you are looking for something for a special occasion in amazing quality.

1 // Silk top 2// Silk blend shirt 3// Silk dress 4// Blazer
5// Silk blend trousers 6// Skirt 7// Dress 


When I first heard about the collection and saw a sneak peak I totally fell in love with the blue patterned blazer. It is super pretty detailed, and the colors perfectly matches spring.

I also thought that a conscious exclusive collection was a genius concept! Sometimes the conscious collections are more focused on basic t’s and leggings in organic cotton, and though that is great, it isn’t really keeping up with fashionable trends. And I would love if more brands tried to incorporate sustainability with fashion – ending the current perception of the two as opposites.. And even though H&M’s ways of making business and fashion undoubtedly is discussable I think what they are doing here is great!
The clothes are made from recycled polyester, silk and organic cotton and are in a really nice quality – so many steps up from what you mostly see in H&M.

Anyway I was in love with the blazer and when the collection launched yesterday I thought I would check it out, but then I realized the prices. wow. Very different from usual H&M as well. But that is actually a good thing. In that way we think more about what we are buying and use it longer, which also promotes sustainability. So now I for sure have to think twice about that blazer.

I also loooove the yellow dress – is will be absolutely perfect for late summer night paired with a black denim jacket.


May you all have an amazing weekend guys – I am heading out now 🙂

– Maja