Yeaa, while my family and boyfriend was here last weekend, I tried some new breakfast-spot’s – here among a place I have been wanting to try for a while, but never had the time to. I really wanted to try it do to there different, diverse and innovative menu – including Breakfast Cocktails 😉
The place, Caravan, definetely lived up to my expectations, though we only got juices for drinks (which btw was among some of the best breakfast juices I have ever tried). I never think I will become that much of a Londoner that I will feel like a Bloody Mary for breakfast 😉

Anyways, the breakfast menu is really interesting, with lots of different, both not so healthy, but mostly healthy and innovative dishes. For instance I got the ‘Red quinoa grain bowl with a soft boiled egg, sprouting broccoli, sweet potato, peanuts and miso-tahini dressing, which was very different, but super super tasty.
Normally I am not that in to savory/or lunch-like dishes for breakfast, but do the sweet potato, peanuts and soft boiled egg, it still felt very “breakfasty”.
I am always feeling like I am a bit annoying when ordering, as I take too long to decide – I want everything. – But at Caravan it took me even longer! Everything sounds so good (and wierd), and I will be back as soon as I can, to try more.
The atmosphere in the restaurant was almost one of the best things, as, even though it was full, there was a really good chilled atmosphere and great acoustics, so it was easy to talk to each other. I hate when restaurants have acoustics so you can hear everyone in the room but your self. We went to the one in Exmouth Market, but they have three different branches.



Hope you have a perfect Monday all,

– Maja