Last weekend I tried the brunch at Ottolenghi Islington, which is one of my absolute favourite London restaurants – look here! I just never new they are so good at making brunch as well, but I should have known as they make the most amazing bread I have ever had in a modern restautant, well maybe in any restaurant. It is seriously good! And the brunch is just as good as the dinner. Lots of amazing veggie choices as well. But the best thing has to be the amazing selection of jams and butter  (both regular and peanut), which you get with the bread selection. The bread selection also includes a pastry of your choice – just go for the croissant!
It actually often works like this – that the places I love the most for dinner also turns out to have amazing brunch, and I really need to think about that more often. Instead of filing restaurants as either good at one or the other.



Besides bread I got the Scrambled tofu and rose harissa on sourdough which where super delicious!
I also really like the interior at Ottolenghi. Even though it by first glance doesn’t seem the most cozy, it actually is really chilled and down-to-earth with gigantic red toasters on the tables for customers to make their own bread the way they like it.
The experience further reminded me of how much I have to come back for dinner again soon!


– Maja

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