Evening guys,

I have a lot on my plate lately, and it is exactly in times like these I need extra good products for my skin. My skin has always gotten extremely effected by external factors like; the weather, stress, if I don’t eat right (just for a few days) and especially by harsh ingredients like perfume or alcohol. Sensitive products are therefore a must for me.
I im traveling to Paris tomorrow for the weekend (yay!) I am seriously so excited, and it’s been so long since I have been there. It is my birthday on Saturday and what better way to celebrate than a weekend escape. Anyway I want to be able to absolutely relax (mentality) for that, which has been why this week has been a bit stressful.

The wonder skin product I want to promote is from a ethical local brand, which I have fallen absolutely in love with. Just look at the product bottle in it self isn’t it cute?! And best of all is the name; Skin & Tonic!. It is a unisex (?) skin brand developed for sensitive skin types, without any alcohol, perfume or parabens and with a maximum of 7 ingredients per product. Pretty cool. I think that these kind of sensitive skin products actually are what is best for all skin types, as all the ingredients are proved to improve skin barrier, add vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – and none of us need to put all of those possibly harmful things on our skin. It doesn’t matter if your skin doesn’t get effected by it right now, I am sure all of those unnecessary ingredients will be visibly some day.


I have gone for the miracle Naked Beauty Oil, which has proved to be absolutely amazing for my dry skin as well! I just use it under both my night and day moisturiser and it really makes a visible difference. The oil gets absorbed into the skin in seconds – so don’t be afraid of getting oily skin at all, it won’t happen. It just creates the softest and smoothest finish. Kinda of like a primer and oil in one!
And it isn’t even crazy expensive like almost all other good quality face oils.

Maybe you all have a beautyfull Wednesday evening❤️

– Maja


  • Ingrid Opstad

    I have sensitive skin too so will have to try this out, thank you for the recomendation!

    Ingrid |

  • Maja Harder

    You really should. This one can’t harm any type of skin and gives the softest skin 🙂