CREPES TO DIE FOR (seriously)

I didn’t know I loved crepes. But first I tried this tiny little place in London (with ridiculously good reviews), and then Paris, and yes I am a crepes lover with a big C. You can get them as dessert, savory for dinner, as a little snack, light or extravagant. You can eat them with wine, juice or tea. They are like bruch – which also is my favourite “meal” .

The place I will recommend everybody(!) to try is called Mamie’s; a tiny little place in Covent Garden – but so genius you guys – so genius! Everyone there is super French and maybe can’t speak the best english in the world, but are super sweet. Though you don’t actually talk that much because everything is happening on a smart tablet, where you order, read about the options and call waiter for questions. It is the smartest thing I have heard of in a long time. So there is the option for dinner crepes or dessert crepes and then drinks. Very easy. Of course we had to try both the sweet and savory ones.

We got them with goat cheese, chutney, mushroom and salad, and the other one was with blue cheese and they were both absolute amazing. Not to mention the dessert – that was to die for. I don’t know why I though I wasn’t in to crepes, but maybe because they sometimes are very sweet – like churros (yes don’t like those either) – but these were special. With so much flavour, creativity and fresh ingredients. And as you can think – it is the most expensive dinner – plenty of money left to share a bottle of wine without being ruined 😉

The only negative thing (looking back now) is the lighting was so yellow, and the pictures look a bit weird. But you should still try them!


– Maja


  • Gary

    You have me HOOKED! I really do love a good crepe and these really do look worth dying over – well almost 😛

  • Maja Harder

    They are (almost) ! 😉 They could go for my breakfast, lunch and dinner!