– veggie that is – and finding nice vegetarian food in Paris is one of the harder foodie-tasks I have been on. But we did it – and the restaurants we eat at were absolutely perfect! Also for none-veggies! They were far from exclusively veggie, but had very (but few) nice veggie food to choose from.

First of all we eat a lot of cheese! I don’t think I could ever become vegan, even though I’ve started to choose vegan products more and more. But I seriously don’t think I could give up cheese, and more importantly being able to enjoy different food when I am traveling. This is the same reason why I eat selfish in the beginning of my time as a vegetarian. And I honestly don’t think that I would have been able to eat at any restaurant, except a few health-baed cafes, as a vegan. Let’s hope that there continues to come more and more vegan and vegetarian options, so it doesn’t has to be so difficult to cut down on the world’s meat supply. But for now I am completely happy with doing what I do, thinking about what I eat and were it is from, but on my terms, still being able to life my live how I want.



On my birthday we found this super hipster and vibrant brunch spot called Holy Belly. The place is very popular, and just like being in London, there was an hour wait to get in. But it was fine and we took a nice cup of coffee and a croissant while we waited. Yes we eat a lot on that tip.
Anyway I didn’t get the impression anywhere else that it is as normal to que as in London, so we had high expectations and we did not get disappointed! There was vegetarian options in every category, and the food was super tasty. Actually quit simple, but still with really well cooked and fresh ingredients with lot of taste. I will definitely recommend it.

We eat at Maceo on out first night. A really really cute place and truly traditional French, with lots of mirrors and details anywhere. I could recommend going there just for that. The food was also really nice, and even though the vegetarian options were limited, they were good. The best thing was probably the desserts, and the cheese board we got in the end!

If you’re going to Paris and want to try a special place or have something to celebrate, you have to try Alcazar! It is in the michelin guide and I can understand why. First of all, is the place filled with flowers and plants – it feels like you eat in a very very posh rainforrest. The food was soooo good, and again definitely not vegetarian focused. However, there were more options to choose from than the other places we eat, and most importantly – the few things that they had were amazing!
Even though it is extremely popular, in the michelin guide and genius – the prices are not that expensive – not cheap – but you would have expected a lot worse.

I really hope I will be able to go back to Paris again very soon! But first I will visit my fam in Copenhagen later today.

– Maja


  • Flemming

    Cheese – and redwine – is goooood

  • lexie

    looks so good! I’m off to Paris in July and I’m a veggie so this is super helpful, thanks!! x

    • Maja Harder

      That sounds amazing Lexie. I am so glad it was helpful – even though Paris is fantastic it isn’t the most veggie-friendly 🙂