Yes, this was stated by my sweet sister, who was visiting me from Sheffield this Sunday. Btw, I also tried them, and they were pretty damn good!
The place is placed so insanely close to me, and I am honestly chocked I haven’t tried it before now. It is super super cozy, you can sit outside, the staff are the sweetest, and the food is very very delicious!
The place is called HalfCup and serves an all day brunch, along with tasty pastries, coffees and lunch. I wen’t for a wild mushroom open sourdough sandwich and that was just as good as the pancakes. The dishes just had plenty of taste, was freshly made and the ingredients was put together in a super smart way. It is a no bullshit place, where you get what you see – but you definitely pay less than what would be acceptable for the quality of what you get. We wen’t there at 11AM on a Sunday and seriously got a table after 10 min. Something I never experience in London, and which is another BIG plus.
It is almost like I think: if I am not waiting at least an hour that just means that the place is shit. But this place is just not discovered by that many. And hopefully it won’t be for a while, because that would ruin its charme. Even though they definitely would deserve it if they get “discovered” by the London foodie-patrol.

I have to get up insanely early – but for a nice reason: I am going to beautiful Santorini tomorrow!! So I will try (probably unsuccessfully) to be at sleep by 10 PM.

Sleep well all – and I hope you’ll get some nice weather from London in the meantime! ðŸ˜˜

– Maja


  • Julie Mænnchen

    Ser også super lækkert ud! 🙂

    • Maja Harder

      Det var det virkelig!;) Helt sikkert noget der skal prøves igen