Hi guys 😘

I hope you are well! Its been a long time since I’ve updated anything in here, but there has been a lot going on in my life. I have had the most beautiful days on Santorini, and now a have a few days in my city Copenhagen, before going back to London on Monday. I think I have been flying like 10 times in the last month, and now it really has to stop soon! It is a curse to be afraid of flying when you love to travel..

Well I really really wanted to recommend one of the most innovative restaurants I have ever tried! It is called Fed By Water and is a vegan Italian restaurant based in Dalston. Don’t get scared away because it is vegan, I really couldn’t tell. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but sometimes people tend to associate vegan restaurants with flavourless and very very green food. Well it wasn’t.

Their philosophy is to feed people by only using clean and filtered water in there food. Therefore the name.. On top of that everything is just innovative and weird. We could choose if we wanted a round, ring-formed or star-formed pizza, and further if it should be green, black or white dough.. We chose the star pizza (of course), and within all of the stars-corners there were a different kind of pesto or vegan cheese filling.
I think the experience in it self, and the atmosphere(!), is worth going there for, but the food actually tasted super delicious. Especially the pizza, that was genius!

Now I think I will be active and do a little morning workout in the gym to start the day. May you all have a lovely day fiends!

– Maja


  • Lisa Autumn

    This looks AMAZING!

    xx Lisa |

  • Maja Harder

    It was! You should for sure try it if you are around London 🙂