Hi guys 😊

I haven’t given any updates in here in a while, but I have been in a middle of a moving madness. Moving contries is just not that easy, even when you move back home. I have of course also been catching up with my lovely friends and family. And unpacking. Which probably has been the most time consuming!
But – know I think I am actually done, and have started to feel comfortable here again. I have spent some time re-decorating my apartment a bit, and it feels so good getting a bit new life in here.

Before changing the blog to a complete Copenhagen mode, a have a few London-based posts I want to share with you. But I will soon change the focus in a bit. Both to Copenhagen based restaurants, but hopefully also to sharing my own recipes. I have loved to cook for a long time, and especially after I have started eating veggie, I love experiencing with innovative veggie dishes.
So food-wise I will write about veggie food for foodies, who love eating innovative, creative and high quality food, and who are tired of falafel salads. And that will both be by sharing Copenhagen based restaurant that I really think is worth trying, and by sharing recipes.
And of course I want to keep writing about fashion and style.

Okay, now to the actual post. I really wanted to share this restaurant experience with you, ever since I tried it last week. I looooove vietnamese food. It is actually my favourite kind of food, even over Italian, which I also really(!) love.
So since I moved to London I have tried various Vietnamese restaurants, in my search for the best Vietnamese in London. And I have tried some excellent once – look here and here. But still none of them impressed me enough for me to call them my favourite. Soo, as my last days in London were spend with saying goodbye to everyone, I choose to try another Vietnamese place, when going out for dinner with a friends.
And we had a winner! CoBa, has a really really simple menu, where you either can choose a noodle soup or a noodle salad, and then if it should be chicken, pork, prawn or BBQ tofu. I took the salad, and it was amazing! And you get a loot of food for your money. I could tell the ingredients were a super fine quality, and the food was very well made. And super cheap compared to the amount you get. I really also liked the atmosphere. It is kind of a hipster/cool wibe that is going on there, and they have a very hip and innovative cocktail card.
The only negative thing would be the location, which isn’t the most attractive. But it is easy to get there, and if you like Vietnamese you should definitely not cheat yourself from trying it!

Now I will get going to Ikea, as I need to buy the last few things for the apartment. I am a bit scared of coming home with a bunch of extra stuff I don’t need though. It always happens. I gotta be strong today, as the budget wouldn’t really appreciate that happening right now.

Have a lovely Sunday guys, and talk to you again soon!

– Maja