Hi friends,

When I first moved to London, I promised to make a street food guide to all of the city’s amazing street food.
I feel like I spent the year in London studying, working and going out – eating a loot of food. Of course I did more than that, but nonetheless I have tried what feels like half of the restaurants in London. However, some of my best food experiences have still been at London’s food markets. And from that is really were I can see that London is ahead of Copenhagen when it comes to the innovative food scene.
Although, I must say that Copenhagen has up’ed its game a lot over the recent years. And even though vegetarian food is not too be found on the menu most places, all the better restaurants offer really well-created and delicious veggie food. There has also opened a lot new places, while I have been away, which I can’t wait to try!

Now, back to London. Here is my street food guide. I went to several street food markets, but my list of the best street food in London is all from stalls based at my favorite markets: Borough, Brick Lane: Sunday Up and Camden Market.


1. Arepazo Bros, Camden
Mhhhh. Yum! This is the best street food I have had in London! And apparently others share my opinion because the que is always massive, compared to the rest of the Food stalls at Camden Market. You’ll get a cornbread filled with lots of heavenly things like; guacamole, cheese, beans, onions, chili, and their own homemade sauce. I really wanna know their secret to the corn bread, because I have tasted several and none of them have been as good! Btw. take the plantain fries on the side!

2. Bao Bao, Sunday Up
It is just recently that I have discovered the deliciousness of bao bao’s – the streetfood-inspired dish from Taiwan. It is a sponge bun, filt with a spicy mix of either some sort of meat, or tofu – everything mixed with vegetables. I did not except it to be soo good, but wauw! Nice and spicy too. Every since then I have gone for Bao Bao’s whenever I have the option

3. Luardos, Camden
Here, I got the mexican bowl, which is such a delicious (and calorie-infused) packed plate filled with amazing mexican ingredients. There are small mexican pancakes, rice, guaca, sour-cream, cheese and beans. Definitely worth trying! And if you are hungover they are absolutely perfect.


4. Cookies and Scream, Camden
OMG! perfection. I reed about these cookies a while ago and afterwords immediately had to try them. I thought that they deserved an individual blog-post as well – look here. You’ll get gigantic vegan and glutenfree ice-cream sandwiches, made with the most amazingly tasting fresh cookies. There are several flavors to choose from, and they all sound so good – it is impossible to choose.

5. La Tua Pasta, Borough Market
Truffle.. Do I need to say more. I have a serious weakness for them, and at Borough market they are everywhere. Also at La Tua Pasta. They make very very fresh and well-made authentic ravioli, which you can fill with your choice of 5 different flavors. I think it is obvious what I choose. It is kind of expensive for street food though, but if you are a pasta (or truffle) lover it is so worth it!

6. Cookies, Sunday Up
The lady who has this stall advertises with the best cookies in the world. And I must say she comes close, if not completely there. The cookies are amazing! And taste like they have just been baked, which I really don’t know how is possible. I tried the vanilla cheesecake – very much recommendable.

7. Dutch Pancakes, Camden
If you are not familiar with the dutch pancakes yet, you have to hurry up and try them! They are tiny tiny pancakes, which is served in a small bowl, and then decorated with some amazingness of your choice. It could be everything from whipped cream, melted dark or white chocolate, berries of marshmallows. I tasted my first dutch pancakes in Camden, and have after had them at several food markets. However the first ones were the best. Yum!

8. Oli Baba’s
Another one for the hungover. When I heard about it I thought it was way too much: halloumi fries. But the food experience at Oli Baba’s is pretty impressive. The halloumi fries are tasty on their own, but are topped with creative ingredients like pomegranate, seeds and coriander. It is super delicious!

That was the list. If you love street food like me, these places are worth trying. And I have a LOT of London-based street food to compare with.

Now I will go a head and get ready for bed. It has been a long (but so lovely) week, spend with me seeing all my friends and family, decorating my apartment, and just enjoying life – taking a break from obligations. And now! The last couples of days, I have actually had to go to a meeting to document that I have lived in Denmark before, and therefore allowed to be let back in. I have for the last 48 hours actually spent a lot of energy, getting my name on my own apartment (!), getting a GP and my national health card back. Moving to Copenhagen is almost as difficult as moving to London. Even though Denmark actually is the country I was born in and have lived all of my live. Too much.. Well, now I am IN and everthing is good 😊



  • Katie

    This post game me such serious London
    wanderlust. I’m just a few weeks away
    from a trip to Paris and my rainy day
    plan is to hop a train to London so
    it’s possible I could put a few of
    these recommendations to good use!

    • Maja Harder

      Aww that sounds lovely Katie. Have an amazing trip to Paris and London, and I hope you’ll get a little time to try some awesome street food 😉

  • Agness of aTukTuk

    Wow! As a foodie, this guide is something I desperately needed! I would love to try the mexican bowl!

    • Maja Harder

      I am so glad you could use it <3 It is always important to know where the good street food is hiding !;)