And by not quit I actually mean NOT AT ALL! It is freaking fucking cold outside, and I am a bit worried about our danish Summer. Regardless, I am traveling to Sicily tomorrow night, so I know I will receive plenty of sunlight and summer atmosphere soon. It is actually the first of two trips for me to Italy this Summer, as I am so lucky to be going again in August – that time to Venice.
However there is just something about the danish Summer, and when I moved back I had been looking so much forward to eating street food and drinking beer on the paper island, bathing in the canal, eating lots of ice cream, grilling and sitting outside in a sun dress at 10 PM with both heath and light like it was 1 PM. But the weather has far from allowed that! Not that I haven’t enjoyed myself plenty while I’ve been back, but it has been way to much inside compared to out!
I am strongly counting on the last two months of Summer months to make up for this.

The bad weather has also meant that I haven’t had any chances to where my summer clothes enough. However, I have had plenty of opportunity to stroll this dress around.


Dress, Munthe – here // Jacket, Monki – here //
Sunglasses, &OtherStories – here // Shoes, Asics – here


My new favourite “mid-season”-dress, as it has long sleeves, is layered and soooo cute. It is from the danish brand Munthe, which is one of my favourite brands. Munthe always makes very romantic and feminin pieces, which are so easy to fall in love with, exactly like this dress. Btw it is on 40% at the moment! – here
Not styling it so it looks too girly and elegant, I used my oversize Monki jacket. I really like this look, and am looking forward to when I can ditch the tights 😉

– Maja