Hi friends,

I am spending my days at the moment on beautiful Sicily, Italy. More specifically in a city called Cefalu, where all of the architecture stands and looks exactly like it did in the 1800’s. All of the buildings are orange and red, and there is lots of dark green trees and plants mingling among the streets and balconies. It is so beautiful, especially mixed with the deep blue ocean! I only have one day left here, and it has definitely been too short of a stay. There is so many things I want to explore, and I now I’ll have to come back!
One of the best things about Italy is of course the food! Even though the Sicilian kitchen is a bit different, there is still plenty of mozzarella, pizza, pasta and olive oil, and of course gelato to choose from! Oh I love Italian food! Yesterday I got the best pasta, I think I have ever gotten.

As I am filling myself with Italian deliciousness I thought it was appropriate to share a pizza recipe with you guys. I made it right before I left Copenhagen, and it is honestly the best pizza I have ever made! The Italians would probably frown at the ingredients, as they are far from traditional or simple – but the different tastes that were used worked amazing together! The dough is completely wholegrain, and still tasted exactly as it should.


This is my first recipe share, so I hope you like it 😊

2 cups of wholegrain flour
1 cup durum flour
1 tbs olive oil
1 pack of yeast
2 tsp salt
1 cup of hot water
1/2 tbs honey

1 can of tomato paste
10 sundried tomatoes
60 g. of roasted cashews
1/2 tbs honey
1 fresh chili
1 tsp chili flakes
A generous “squeez” lime
2 tbs olive oil
Water until it has the right consistency

Truffel-honey and olive oil roasted red pepper fruit (1) and sweet patato (1 large or 3 small ones)
Goat cheese
Baby spinach
1 pack of ricotta

Start with the dough! The longer it can expand from the yeast the better. I made it in the morning, but if you have time the evening before it is even better.
– Mix the hot water, honey, olive oil and yeast together. The yeast needs to be completely resolved, and start to foam a tiny bit. The easiest is to use a mixer if you have one.
– Mix the rest of the ingredients in and work with the dough for around ten minutes, so it gets a nice and slightly sticky consistency. You can use a bit extra durum flour under this process.
– Then put the dough in a bowl that you have greased in a bit olive oil, and cover it with a towel.
– When you need the dough knead it again for a couple of minutes and then roll it into the shape you want (square or round) – and as thin as possible. Bend the edges a bit, and brush them with olive oil to make them nice and crunchy.

The pesto is done in a blender. Everything is mixed together in whatever order you want. Finish with the water though. It needs to be a bit thinner than “traditional pesto” so you can put it on the dough, but still thicker than pasta sauce, as it gives another flavour.

– Cut the pepper fruit and (boiled) sweet potato into big sizes.
– Then put them on a frying pan with olive oil and salt at high heat – put the pepper fruit on 2 minutes sooner than the sweet potato.
– Then poor 3 tsp of truffle honey over them (regular if you prefer or dont have, but the truffle gives them an amazing taste). They don’t need that long on the pan, they should be soft, but the potatoes should still be firm.
– Take them of the pan.

– Start with putting the pesto on the dough, then goat cheese, and then the vegetables.
– Bake the pizza at 180 degrees for approximately 20 minutes. I thought I should have a bit longer, but that was too much so be careful and check on it!
– Take it out and let it rest for 2 minutes.
– At last: cover it with baby spinach and teaspoons of ricotta pieces AND serve it 😊


The mix of salty pesto and goat cheese with honey roasted vegetables and ricotta gives a perfect flavour combination.

Today however, I will probably eat a more traditional Italian pizza, with lots mozzarella and tomatoes. It is my last day in Italy, so I have to go all in on relaxation and fooding.

– Maja


  • katie

    omg i literally just whatsapped my boyfriend saying ‘fancy making pizza tonight?’…and then this pops up on my feed. YES, girl
    this is making me salivate – i’m going to try this recipe tonight. looks banging! beautiful photos too, lady!

    katie xx

  • Maja Harder

    Aww I am so happy too hear that Katie! Sometimes there is nothing better than a homemade pizza night.
    I really hope you like it 😉

  • Regine

    Looks so yummie!!

    • Maja Harder

      Thank you Regine 🙂 It was !

  • Vanessa

    That pizza is making me really hungry!

    Vanessa x |

    • Maja Harder

      You should definitely try to make it then 🙂 It tastes better than it looks 😉