Linguini with spicy cauliflower and ricotta + the best Italian-style “veggie-balls”

Veggie-balls really does not sound good, but I don’t know what to call meatballs without meat. Because we know that meatballs usually contain more than meat, but veggie-balls just sounds like balls made of vegetables.
Well, not these once! They are my own creation, and I was actually really really afraid that they would turn out being less succesful – but they were amazing.
I made them next to a spicy cauliflower and ricotta linguini pasta – which is such a yummy dish. I got the idea for the linguini from one of my favourite food blogs; NotWithoutSalt.
NotWithoutSalt is worth checking out, as it has a focus on good seasonal ingredients and creative gastronomi. And it always has a wide selection of all veggie-recipies although it is not exclusively vegetarian.



Actually I don’t really have that much time to write on the blog at the moment, but this is such a needed procrastination from my dissertation-writing. It is like I can see the end, it is right there, but right now is seems like I will never get there.
At times like that is is amazing to have a creative outlet like blogging or cooking that you can turn to for pleasure or just for distraction 😊

Here is the recipe for the two dishes. I thought they worked absolutely amazing together. I changed the spices a bit in the pasta so it got more of an Italian taste to it – matching the veggie-balls. It is perfect if you want to serve something interesting (and very tasty), when having dinner guests over.
The cooking time with prep is approximately 1,5 hours.
It is for 4 persons.

Linguini with spicy cauliflower and ricotta
1,5 head of cauliflower
2 tsp of chili flakes
1 fresh chili
Olive oil
1,5 tsp of sea salt
3 garlic gloves
1 pack of ricotta
Basil and rosemary
4/5 pack of linguini
Half a lemon

– Cut the cauliflower into small pieces (like a large coin), and turn them around in the sea salt, the chili flakes, the chopped up fresh chili and garlic and the olive oil. The amount of olive oil should be enough to completely cover all of the cauliflower pieces. Do not be stingy  – the olive oil is very important for the deliciousness of the dish. It should, however, not swim in olive oil.
– Then spread the marinated pieces as good as you can on a sheet tray and put them in the oven for approximately 40 min. (Check on them though. They might be done a bit sooner or a bit later).
– In the meantime, cook the linguini according to the directions on the pack.
– When the linguini is done, drain off the water.
– When the cauliflower is finished add it to the linguine pot, along with a good squeeze of lemon, and the ricotta. Spread the ricotta into the linguini using a teaspoon.
– Finish of with spreading rosemary and basil over the dish.

Veggie balls

1 squash (drained)
0,5 head of cauliflower
1 pack of fresh mozzarella
2 eggs
1 fresh chili
1,5 cup almond flour
1,5 cup of oats, blended into flour
1 cup of wholegrain flour
2 tsp of sea salt
A bit of peber
A glass filt with chopped mint, basil and rosemary
50 grams of cashews

– First, shread the squash and place it in a sieve with some salt to absorb the water. (Preferable you can do that an hour before the rest of the instructions).
– Then shread the cauliflower and mix it together with the squash in a large bowl.
– Cut the mozzarella in tiny pieces and add it in the mix along with chopped cashews, eggs, salt and peber.
– Then add the herbs and the chopped fresh chili
– Finish with the flours; starting with the almond and oat flour. Use the 1 cup of wholegrain flour to finish the texture.
– And then just form them to ball-sizes of your choosing and fry them on a frying pan. They are getting done a bit faster than regular meatballs so keep the heath on a mow medium.

I just served them next to each other. You can add a pesto or another dressing if you prefer. I made a spicy mango pesto – which was amazing! I will share that in a later post 😉

– Maja








  • Agness of Run Agness Run

    Yummy! This is one hell of a recipe, Maja! Do you use fresh or dried basil and rosemary?

    • Maja Harder

      I am so glad you like it Agness, thank you! I definitely always use fresh herbs 🙂