Hi friends 😊

Ahhh I feel a bit tired today. But it is okay, it is Sunday, and the perfect day to chill on the couch.

I wanted to share my experience of the pizza place in Copenhagen that supposedly has the best pizzas in Northern Europe. I went to Bæst last weekend. We had made the reservation a lot sooner though. Having been awarded the best pizza in Europa apparently attracts a lot of people.



We took the tasting menu. I actually thought that the tasting menu was a bit disappointing. But! That does not mean that I think Bæst isn’t a place you should definitely try. There is just some things they are good at that they should stick to. And that is pizza! And cheese. Oh yes the cheese. That part of the menu was absolutely amazing! I mean really really good. They make their cheeses them self and everything is 100% organic. Exactly how I love it.
A tip: if you are a cheese person you have to take the burrata.


The pizzas totally lived up to their reputation. Okay I don’t know if they are the best – but they were good! Next time I go there I will just stick to ordering pizza and cheese. I really want to try all of their cheeses so I hope I go there with somebody who want to order them all and share with me 😉



The pizzas are traditional Italian though they experience a bit with the topping. There is so many that sounds mouth-watering and choosing will be a challenge next time I go there,

Now I will move on with my lazy Sunday.
May you guys have a lovely one as well.

– Maja


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