First of all I have to say that you totally can make delicious ice creams like this one without an ice cream maker. I have just very quickly turned into an ice cream enthusiast and nerd, and therefore of course needed to invest in a machine. And even though it is very possible to make it without, I must say that the investment is so recommendable if you love ice cream as much as me (a lot!), and think it is super fun to experiment with tastes. If you are not quite there yet, than check out this guide for how to do it without the machine 😉
Second of all I will just like to double state that my ice creams actually are a lot healthier than regular heavy cream based ice creams. I use either buttermilk or coconut milk and then usually a little bit of condensed milk next to that. And I just use a little bit of honey or sirup and not massive amounts of sugar.
A lot have actually asked me why I want to make desserts or ice creams healthy. This is a valid question and it really is not because I think that we never should be allowed to eat traditional un-healthy desserts. There should be more than room for that in our daily lifes. I just think that it is fun to experiment with how we can use healthy and nutritious ingredients to create something that is just as good, and sometimes even better(!) than their unhealthy alternatives. This is probably the same reason why I like to make more challenging and “fine” vegetarian food. To try to break the perception a lot of people how about how certain food should be made in certain ways. But there is so many ways in which we can cook, for instance vegetarian or healthy food, as long as we are a bit creative. Besides, it would in a general perspective probably not be the worst thing if there existed some more healthy dessert alternatives.

This recipe is super Summer-ish, fresh and very very delicious! There is nothing better than strawberry ice cream made with fresh strawberries, and it tastes so different than the artificial tasting ones you often get. The sweetness of the berries is contrasted with a bit of pomegranate and lime, and the combination works!

Strawberry and pomegranate ice cream
1 pack of smashed strawberries
1,5 pomegranate
1 lime
1 can of condensed milk
1 can of coconut milk
1 tbs of honey
2 tbs of maple syrup
1 tsp vanille ekstrakt
0,5 tsp salt
3 egg yolks



– First heat the coconut milk and condensed milk over the stove together with salt. It should not boile, just heat.
– While it heats (on low volume); whisk the egg yolks thoroughly with vanilla extract and honey.
– Add one cup of the heated milk in the egg mix, while whisking constantly. Then add the mixture to the pot, so the egg and milk mix are completely combined and heated together. It should heat until it becomes cream-like – it still shouldn’t boil.
– When the mixture has gotten thick, then take it of and put it in the freezer. Here, it should stay for approximately half an our.
– While waiting for the cream to cool, smash the strawberries and pomegranate completely together with lime and sirup. You can adjust the sweetness as you like.
– When cooled take out the cream, add the two mixtures together and start making the ice cream (by your self or in your genius ice cream maker)!


– Maja