Hola friends,

I hope you are enjoying this lovely Sunday. I my self have just made the best pancakes I have EVER made. I will share them here very soon – as everybody should have the joy of trying them (not to brag but they were to die for).
Other than perfectionistic pancakes life is good, and I am very very soon done with my MA and therefore have to start my adult life ?! It is super exciting and I have so many ideas for what I wanna do and projects I want to start – but it is also a bit scary. However right now the focus is just to finish it – and then – celebrate! In a little less than two weeks (!)


Sandals, Vagabond – here // Shirt, Mads Norgaard – here
// Blouse, Envii – here // Trousers, Munthe – here


Lately I have started a deep love relationship with everything glitter. I don’t know if it is the grey weather or what, but I constantly find glittery items I need to own. The other day I was mixing up some different structures and colors, and enjoying a stroll in Copenhagen.



May you have a delightful afternoon all 😊

– Maja


  • Female Original

    Your sandals are amazing ❤️❤️❤️ “not to brag
    but they were to die for” – this is literally me
    whenever I make a new recipe haha xx

  • Maja Harder

    Thank you so much <3 Haha yes that is very much me as well – but these ones actually still topped other pancake recipe
    experiments I have made lately 😉