I have since I have moved back to Copenhagen been a little bit confused about if I should continue to write in English or if I should change to Danish. “CPH’s meatpacking district” just sound insanely tourist-guide-ish haha.
But a lot of the things that I write about such as fashion, personal style and food recipes are not at all location-specific, and I therefore can’t really see why I should wright those thins in Danish. The readers from London who (hopefully) still sometimes read along should of course also be able to understand what I am writing about.

This actually all relate back to the question of who I actually am writing all of this to. Not this – but the blog in general. And the answer that I have come of with is that it isn’t specifically to Copenhagen girls, or London girls for that matter, but just for people who love fashion, style, good food, innovativeness and appreciate that we can inspire each other and share what we are good at 😊 So – to sum up, English still makes sense for me, and hopefully also for you guys reading (just as important).
And about the restaurant reviews – I think that both Copenhagen and London are absolutely amazing cities to live in, and of course also to visit as a tourist – The reviews can therefore also hopefully work as tourist foodie guys for city visitors.



Last weekend I eat at Gorilla in the Meat Packing District and that was a very very positive experience. The food is designed as small tasting dishes, and you therefore order 3-5 dishes each, which works really well.
There isn’t that much variety to choose from on the veggie front, so you are kind of stuck with choosing from 6 different things if you are a veggie. But – these 6 dishes are to be fair really amazing, and I would gladly eat them again!
The style of the food is that it is very simple and down to earth – while still having some gourmet factor about it. If that makes sense. The restaurant is actually in the Michelin guide 2017, which I think definitely is deserved.
The atmosphere of the place is very raw and meatpacking district-y, but also super hip, young and vibrant. It is a place I felt like staying at all night, while having interesting conversations and drinking lots of wine.


It will go straight to my book of recommendable places to try in the city. It also categorises as an innovative place to try, which perhaps for me is the most important part. You not only get a very good food experience, but you also get surprised and impressed. – Try the tortellini if you go – it is like a little piece of pasta heaven.


– Maja




  • Yasmin

    This looks like such a cool place to eat and really yummy food! Thanks for sharing xx

    • Maja Harder

      Yes it definitely is amazing food, and a really nice atmosphere as well 🙂

  • Elien

    Such a nice post!
    Well I would love it if you continue writing in English! 🙂

    • Maja Harder

      I am very happy to hear that Elien 🙂 Thank you