Happy happy friday all of you lovely people 🙌

Today is such a beautiful day – and (after having slept a lot) I have so far spend it enjoying my newfound freedom. Today I handed in my dissertation – which was the last thing I needed to do in order to be DONE with my Master. It is such a weird feeling after having studied for so many years – but so far I like it 😉
Whenever I have finished a busy study year and a tough period with exams in the past, I have always felt like I wasn’t completely done with studying. But now I really feel like I am done, and ready for new adventures and projects.



So – my day have been spent with sleeping (first of all), then I went to the gym, then took a looong and nice shower, and then I made the best pancakes in the world, made from a recipe I created last week. They are super healthy and full of protein. So the perfect after-workout meal. And then they are just so tasty, and fluffy and amazing! The recipe was actually a bit of an experiment, as I was tired of the banana-based ones I always make. The recipe is approximately for two persons.


2 apples
2 eggs
1 can of coconut milk
1 cup of oats
1/5 cup of coconut flour
1/5 cup of sunflower seeds
1/5 tsp of baking powder
A pinch of cardamom
1/5 tsp sea-salt
1 tsp honey
3 tsp of peanutbutter
Coconut oil for frying

– Blend all of the ingredients except for skyr and peanut butter, until it has a nice consistency. You can just add a bit water or more oats depending on the consistency and on how you like your pancakes (it is a very personal thing).
– Then use 1 tsp of coconut oil on the frying pan, and start frying the small goodies. I make three together on a pan, as that is the perfect size for me.
– In the meantime make the skyr topping, with 4 tbs of skyr, 3 tsp of peanutbutter, 1 tbs coconut flour and a pinch of salt.
– Serve them – maybe with more or less of the topping depending on who and how many you are. I like to some add fresh berries as well.

Enjoy! Breakfast is really my favourite meal of the day, and I love experiencing with innovative and healthy recipes to make my mornings more amazing 😉

– Maja



  • Milly

    These sound absolutely bloody incredible and I want them in my face now please! *heart eye emoji*

    • Maja Harder

      Thank you very much Milly 😀 They are worth trying ! :* :*

  • Hannah

    …..these look AMAZING! Gluten free too 🙂 will
    definitely have to make some of these at some

  • Aria

    This looks so delicious, I’ll definitively have to try your recipe one day!

    • Maja Harder

      Yeah thank you Aria 🙂 You should !!

  • Maja Harder

    Thank you so much Hannah! They really were amazing! Sometimes I feel like glutenfree and healthy pancakes are only okay –
    but these ones are way better than the traditional ones 😀

  • Cat

    These sound amazing! I need to give them a try for sure 🙂

    Cat Storey – The highs and lows of a slow runner

  • Maja Harder

    Thank you Cat! Yes you definitely should 🙂