Good morgen everyone 😊

I was SO early in the airport this morning. First I was offered a ride to the airport, there was no traffic on the way and I practically power-walked all the way through security. The airport is quite empty right now compared to earlier in the Summer. It ended up with me being ready to board more than two hours before the flight take off.. Maybe a bit too early. But now that I have bought a little gift for the people I am visiting, filled up with water and gum and bought a nice cup of coffee and still have an hour to go, I actually feel really really good and chilled. It turns out I love being in good time (even though I am not so good at it usually).
I can’t wait to arrive in Italy! After having lived in London for a year, and been to both Santorini and Sicily over the last two months, I thought that I would like to just stay in my own city for a while. And I do – but I will never get tired of traveling, and I am always SO exited to experience new cities, cultures and food.
Plus, I can’t complain about a little sunshine as well 😉 Actually I haven’t really packed for anything else so I am sought of counting on it!


Jacket, H&M – here // Jumpsuit, Munthe – similar here //
Sandals, Vagabond – here

Anyway, I wanted to share a steal of a fashion find with you. The jacket is from H&M, but (at least according to me) doesn’t look like a H&M-jacket. I think the details and fluffy sleeves, mixed with the red color makes it look like a mix of Mads Norgaard and vintage. It is super cool! I have for a long time wanted a red jacket and have been looking on lots of more expensive styles, so I am so glad I waited for this one.



Now, I will start on a new crime novel I have been wanting to read for a while, maybe buy one more cup of coffee (or should I sleep on the plain?), and just relax a little bit and enjoy being in good time for once.

– Maja