A gourmet experience with a tasting menu specifically designed for vegetarians. You guys can imagine have happy that made me, as it really isn’t that easy to find in Copenhagen. Most restaurants have “back-up” vegetarians menus, but this one is actually designed with the purpose of how veggie-ingredients can work and taste super well together.


So obviously I had very high expectations to the place, VÆKST. The restaurant is part of the famous Copenhagen restaurant empire Cofoco, who focuses on high quality gourmet food to affordable prices.
Another reason why I have been wanting to try the place for a long time has been because of their amazing decorations and interior. You practically eat inside a greenhouse, which is decorated with the most beautiful plants, herbs and flowers. It really is an amazing atmosphere!
The food impressed me a lot as well, as it was both innovative, simple and of very high quality. Most of the dishes were creatively designed with inspiration from traditional Northern food. The best thing was probably their innovative creation of the traditional Danish dessert Rød Grød med fløde.
It is definitely a place I will visit again in the nearest feature. – They also serve a tasting menu with meat and fish, so there is something for everybody.



– Maja