This “Summer” I have been experimenting a lot(!) with making my own ice cream and I think it is super fun. And no matter which kind of ice-cream experiment I make it always ends up tasting nice – just because it is super fresh and homemade. However there are of course some of the ice creams that are better then others. It is like that when you love to experiment with cooking – sometimes you nail it in the first try, and other times you need to adjust a little (or a lot) before the recipe is done. But that is the fun part of it, and if I just sticked with using others’ existing recipes all of the time I would never experience or create anything new – and, for me, that is the amazing thing about cooking.
So – some of the ice creams I have made have been really tasty, others have been okay-good (I am not sharing those recipes with you guys), and then there are some that has been absolutely to die for. One of those has been my rhubarb-vanilla ice-cream, which I want to share with you today! It seriously has the perfect consistency and mix between sweetness and freshness, and then it is crazy addictive when you first get started on it.

3 cups of chopped fresh rhubarb
The seeds from one vanilla bean
1 tsp of vanilla extract
Juice from half a lime
1 tbs of maple syrup
1 tbs of honey
2 tbs of cane sugar
1 tsp of sugar
1 can of condensed milk
4 egg yolks
A pinch of salt
1 cup of buttermilk


– Start by heading up the condensed milk in a pot together with the salt, vanilla seeds and bean, until it is around 80 degrees.
– While you wait for the condensed milk to heat, whisk the egg yolk together with one tsp of sugar, until the mix is nice and foamy.
– Then mix one cup of the heated condensed milk into the eggs while constantly whisking.
– Fish out the vanilla bean and mix everything together back in the pot on low heat while you keep whisking. The mixture cannot boil, but has to become thick like a custard. It takes around 10 minutes. Take it of when it is done and put the custard in the fridge
– In the meantime heat the sliced rhubarbs in the owen sprinkled with two tbs of cane suger. They are ready when they are soft – you can tell by trying to press them down with a fork.
– Put the rhubarbs in a blender together with honey, syrup and lime and blend them for a couple of minutes – there should be no lumps.
– Mix the rhubarb-blend, vanilla extract, buttermilk and custard together and put the whole thing in the freezer until is is completely cooled – approximately for half an hour.
– Then put the mix in an ice-cream maker (or follow this guide for making ice-cream without)
– And voila! You have the most tasty, sweet and fresh ice-cream ever.

– Maja