Good day lovely people,

I am feeling a bit weird at the moment. It is like my body has gotten a bit confused from being insanely stressed with my studies to suddenly being done and having this major thing less on my daily plate.
I thought I would feel this gigantic relieve and weight being lifted of my shoulders – and I did, for like a day. But after that it is like my body (or mind) insists on staying in the same fast-phased gear that I was in before. I still have the same amount of things to do, wake up early, go to bed late and basically feel like the day does not have enough hours. I just keep finding projects for my self related to applications, entrepreneurial ideas, blogging, friends, events, interior and whatever, almost without really realising that I am doing it. A bit annoying actually, because I can feel that what I really need and what would be very healthy for me at the moment is to take a break. But apparently that is a lot easier said than done.

All right, let me turn the mood a bit and go back to what this post should be about. There is especially one brand I really think you should check out at the moment! It is not a new or exciting brand (so sorry if the headline implied that), but simply just the old and known H&M.


Dress, H&M – here // Sweater, Mads Norgaard – here (similar)
// Sneakers, Nike – here // Socks, &OtherStories – here

H&M’s new trend line for fall has so so many beautiful pieces, that looks insanely more expensive than they are. Just look at my dress, which I got for 19,99 £ (199 kr.) ?! How can such a pretty thing be so cheap? Not only does it look way more expensive, the fabric also feels it – and – the fabric further more feels amazing to wear. I have actually used it as a stay-at-home-and-clean-dress, just because it is so damn comfi.

And there are many more items I wan’t to get my hands on from H&M’s new collection;
– Like this perfect transition coat! The material is even made up off almost 50% wool, so I bet it can hold you warm way into the late fall days.
– Or these super cool red suit trousers!

And I could go on.



May you have a lovely day all.
I will try to work on how to find ease in a new daily rhythm.


– Maja



  • Caroline

    Jeg er også vild med H&M og køber alt for tit derfra!

    • Maja Harder

      De gør det altså godt 🙂