Aaah, it has started to get a bit warmer here in cold cold Denmark – and even in the end of October. I am crazy about it! Just a couple of weeks ago it with so cold that when I biked home around 11 PM my hands were so cold I couldn’t even change the song using my fingers on my iPhone headphones.. I mean when you have to quickly double click on the play button.
You know that feeling when it almost feels like your hands are burning so cold is it. Super super not vegetarian-Copenhagen-biker of me, but I seriously almost felt like crying when I was halfway home. Next day I got out and bought some gloves first thing!
This colourful winter jacket was less of a dramatic impulse buy though, but actually one I have been dreaming about and craving for weeks and weeks.

colourful winter jacket    XXXXJacket, 2ndDay // Jumper, Gestuz (crazy on sale!) // Trousers, Zara
XXXXXX                X// Sneakers, Nike // Socks, BeckSondergaard

A colorful investment?

I have been thinking a lot about if yellow (or dessert sun as the model is called) really is the way to go with such an important and practical piece of clothing as a winter jacket, that of course have to be versatile and able to go with everything.
But I have come to the conclusion (also now after I have had it for a couple of weeks), that it fits with everything I own – and that it, at the same time, is able to bring every(!) dull outfit to life in the most magnificent way.

colourful winter jacket colourful winter jacket

Black 2.0 

I actually think that black is outdated. Even in simple, humble and minimalistic Copenhagen where the fashion scene for a long time has been about “less is more”. And to some extend it still is, but what really has changed has been how we dare to mix and match colours and patterns. For me black is often to rough on me and makes a too harsh contrast to the rest of my outfit. I do where a lot of colours and for me there is not a lot you really cannot do, but you have to think about how too contrasting colours affect each other. And here, I think us Danes need to remove our selve from the illusion that black goes with everything, because it doesn’t.   


colourful winter jacket colourful winter jacket


Of course color doesn’t has to mean screaming orange or yellow, but can also just mean a cool camel coat or a dusty pink teddy.  All I am saying is try; to play with it, I am sure both you and your additional style can handle a bit more colour without it being to intimidating. It is booming with playful styles like this colourful winter jacket in stores at the moment, so there is plenty to fall in love with!

• Just check out this anorak inspired army green beauty from Rodebjer

• Or this feminin military inspired one from Ganni


colourful winter jacket winter jacket


– Maja