Did any of you go to Italian dining week?! I went, and I have found a new true favourite Italian that I highly recommend trying, even though dining week is over. It is not hard to find high quality Italian food in Copenhagen, but it can be harder to find Italian restaurants who dare something a bit different, from the otherwise very very traditional Italian kitchen.

But La Rocca in Nørrebro nailed it. They both played with the traditional cousin – like in the starter were got cute little taster spoons with lots of Italian goodies on. While they still somehow stayed with the concept of “no fuzz”, which is the groundstone of Italian food if you ask me. They know how to make a damn good pasta carbonara, it contains 5 ingredients and there is no need to change that.

High quality Italian food in Copenhagen

La Rocca used high quality, tasty ingredients full of flavor! After I have become a vegetarian I am really noticing those things so much more. I have also decided to become much more picky regarding the quality of the food I am eating. Actually we all should. And besides a nu-fuzz attitude, high ingredients is definitely also what defines a good Italian restaurant to me!
This was also the criteria La Rocca nailed the most. We were almost full before the meal even started, just from stuffing our self with their crispy stone-baked bread and their rich olive oil. Mhhhh.. 

high quality Italian food in CopenhagenHigh quality Italian food in Copenhagen


Creamy, saucy and cheezy

Yes, you should definitely never wander into a train of thought about the healthiness, or at least the calorie-density, of Italian food. And that also applies to La Rocca. But in a good way! The pasta, and also the soup I got as antipasta, both had an intens creaminess to them that made you want to lick to plates clean. Food like that should, in my opinion, be enjoyed all the way, so if I go out for Italian food, I never cut short on bread, dessert or gluten. My golden rule for eating well has always been – indulge as crazy as you want, just don’t do it everyday. 

High quality Italian food in Copenhagen

Italian winners

Yes, La Rocca, is for sure a winner for me – but, as I wrote before, Copenhagen is very very talented at opening amazing and interesting new Italian restaurants. Besides from La Rocca, these are my top three ones currently;

Famo – Ummh yes Famo  – that is a classic for me. Their menu changes everyday as they are very determent to use seasonable ingredients. As you could imagine this secures that Famo always, always, always delivers incredibly enriched flavourfull dishes. Check out my review here.
Rufino – Check out my review of this small, authentic and super cozy Osteria in Christianshavn. Don’t miss trying it if you are a true Italian foodie!
Neighbourhood – They serve the best organic gourmet pizzas – which probably only have the food-category of pizza in common with true Italian food, but they are got damn good and never disappoint me. 

High quality Italian food in Copenhagen


May you have a happy and cozy Sunday all.

– Maja


  • Susanne Harder

    Thank you so much for the tip. We have tried it tonight and just loved it.

    • Maja Harder

      So glad to hear that Susanne 🙂 It is a super nice place.