Happy Friday my friends. 

A huge recommendation from me is to cover yourself in a moonlight blue sparkling set if you instantly wanna get in a festive Friday mood. And still be able to kill it on the dance floor – or show your aerobic skills at tonight’s dinner party. You are basically wearing a tracksuit. 

No. But seriously this piece of clothing exceeds the comfortableness I otherwise always feel when wearings sets or jumpsuits, and then I am madly in love with its beautiful subtle moonlight blue colour. 

sparkling setXXXXXXXXXX Pants, Neo Noir // Shirt, Neo Noir // Sneakers, Nike //
XXXXXXXX Earrings, ByMickleit (similar) 
 Ring, &OtherStories (similar)

Sparkling set

Golden and glittery

Yet, the best thing about this sparkling set is the sparkles. It totally contrasts the rest of the set’s qualities. Fashion for me is a lot about mood, dreams and personality and wearing lots of sparkles and glitter can really put me in a super happy-girlpower mood.  


Sparkling setSparkling set

Sparkling set

I think I have mentioned my love for jumpsuits a couple of times before. Well I love them a lot. But I also love glitter. Which is a trend that has been dominating for a long time with lots of sparkling socks and hairbands, and I think it is far from over. Thank God. 

There are so many cute glitter items out there I am craving at the moment. Not only for festive Fridays, but also for grey Mondays;

♥ Check out this amazing glitter cardigan/jumper from Norr

♥ Or this golden bead bag from Mango, which I have been dreaming of forever!

♠ Maybe more a festive Friday one.. but super cool and freaking fabulous; pink velvet sweater from &OtherStories

Also see; WOMAN! SUIT UP

Sparkling setSparkling set

My own journey

This is a time in my life where I have lots of plans for my future carrier, and I am spending a lot of time lately on small projects and ideas. One of my biggest dreams is to open my own food-univers that can combine organic, green and innovative vegetarian cooking in a playful and creative way. 
But for now I am using the blog a lot to explore, grow and create new ideas, and I love love love running it. It would make me super happy if you guys (if you don’t already) will follow me on my social platforms;




And if I haven’t said it before: thank you so much for your support and for reading along!

sparkling set

– Maja