Copenhagen in December might be busy, cold and dark, but it is also filled with an almost enchanting charming atmosphere. Even though I always have been a Summer girl with a big S, I have always looved December, and of course Christmas. 

Hot drinks. With alcohol. Please.

Maybe sounding a bit alcoholic, but one of my favorite December things is the sudden domination of gløgg. It tastes like Christmas, family-time, joy and then it can keep you warm – unconditionally. And if not, drink a couple of more. 

Besides gløgg I also wanna go all in with cozy Christmas markets, family-time, food fests and homemade sweets. 

Copenhagen in December

Copenhagen in December

There is an endless list of cozy Christmas markets going on in Copenhagen. Keeping away from the mandatory mainstream ones, these events are the ones I can’t wait to attend;


Gløgg canal tour

I have now talked with several copenhageners and we all agree: canal tours aren’t tourist traps at all. In fact it is one of my favorite things to do on a hot, steamy Summer day, with a good friend and a cold beer in my hand. It is cheap, the atmosphere is great and you get a beautiful view of the city.
Now – the people behind the tours have made the genius idea to combine the concept with closed boats, gløgg, hot chocolate, blankets and lots of Christmas wibes. I really think it can work! It happens from now until the 17th of December.

FindersKepper’s Christmas market

Finders Keepers is my favorite design market, and last time I was there I bought the most creative and beautiful stuff. The Christmas edition is held at the papir island, and will include lots jewelry, interior, fashion, plants and, following the Christmas spirit, of course also lots of sweets and food. I think it sounds like a perfect December weekend day, and the perfect opportunity for Christmas gift shopping. It is going down the 9th – 10th of December.

Papirøen’s closing party

Thinking of Copenhagen in December maybe doesn’t equal the papir island for most of us. But, as long expected, the king of Danish street food markets is closing down. That happens on the 16th of December with a big street food party, with lots of music, cocktails, snacks and of course food. The papir island is a market that is genius both Summer and Winter, and I wanna experience its cool atmosphere and delicious food one more time. 

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And by the way. Happy happy 1st of December all – and may you have a beautiful and cozy weekend.


– Maja