January Copenhagen.. is getting colder and colder, and I think that it now officially isn’t fun to do anything outside anymore! But that also means that the city is seriously upping its game to give us some exciting things to do inside

January Copenhagen

January Copenhagen

Even though January definitely isn’t my favourite month, or perhaps actually really my least favourite, January Copenhagen is offering some pretty cool experiences. There are lots of new genius restaurant concept to try, sale is on, you can spend your Sundays at cool retro flea markets, buy your favourite designer tableware for no money – and then the city is hosting a gigantic fashion mekka.

Exciting new places to eat

A lot of cool new culinary concepts have recently introduced themselves to Copenhagen. Or is just on the way to open. January Copenhagen is therefore calling for lots of new food experience – along with good wine and nice company.
Here are 3 just, or soon to be, opened restaurants I have to try in January;

I tried to get a table at this place right when they opened, but I wasn’t fast enough. The newly opened gourmet Mexican restaurant Sanches has more than had a good start. But no wonder; the head chef used to work at Noma. So the expectations are high and I can’t wait to see if popular Sanches will live up to them. 

Food Club
Madklubben is once again presenting a new edition to the Copenhagen food scene. Food Club is set to open late January and the concept sounds amazing – and just like me! The philosophy is to close to gap between the high quality 3-course dinner and the lower quality buffet. Food club is therefore going to be a high quality buffet were you can decide what you want and when you want it. Almost everything is going to be organic, a lot vegetarian and to avoid food waste they are selling the leftovers in boxes after 9 PM. Pretty cool. 

First when I heard of newly opened Snack&Blues I opt out of trying it because of its huge focus on chicken. I thought that it probably wouldn’t be vegetarian friendly.
However I have now heard insanely good things of their hallumi and smoked cheddar burger, as well as their crispy peanut oil fries. So I have changed my mind, and have to try them! That burger sounds to die for. And the concept is pretty cool as well; eating snacks and chilling to blues. 

Copenhagen in JanuaryJanuary Copenhagen

Fashion, fashion, fashion

From the 31st of January to the 2nd of February Copenhagen Fashion Week is on! Even though not all of the shows and events are open for everyone, the city is booming with cheap fashion events, late night store opening, free samples and public fashion show. So if you, like me, love fashion you have to take advantage of the city those days. 

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January CopenhagenJanuary Copenhagen

Cheap high-quality home decor 

If you like me are a collector of some kind of (expensive) tableware this is a great tip!
The 6th and 7th of January Forum is having a high-end second hand design fair where designer tableware will be sold extremely discounted. Other than designer tableware the market is offering plenty of cool retro and vintage interior of different kind.


January Copenhagen

I hope you have had a festive New Years Eve al! And – a nice and chill day at home on the couch today. Sometimes nothing is better than a day where you know that it is okay not to do anything at all. And today I think that is how we all feel 😉

– Maja