I hope you all have had a super duper start of the weekend.

Lately, the military trend has inspired me a lot. I love how it can combine the rough and strong with the girly and playful.

XXXXX 1. t-shirt, Baum und Pferdgarten // 2. jumper, Baum und Pferdgarten // 3. Bag, Michael Kors //
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 4. Skirt, Ganni //  5. boots, Won Hundred


Military trend

Here in January I am drawn towards wearing something fun and playful – that at the same time can keep me warm. (Very important). But I am also craving wearing clothes that make me feel confident and empowered.

I am especially a fan of the cool and yet feminin 80’s boots from Won Hundred and the beautiful skirt from lovely Ganni


military trend

military trend

How to avoid the January blues

Of course there isn’t a direct cure for the Nordic mass destructive “January depression”.  
But I have still discovered some tricks that really help.
Like; instead of taking a shower in the morning I often do it in the evening doing the worst Winter months. Being all clean and snuggle up in soft robe, with a blanket and a nice cup of tea always make me feel so much better before going to bed. It sounds silly but it really makes a difference. 
Another thing that also works for me is surrounding myself with lots of living green things. I am therefore, even more than usual, going crazy with my plants- and greens-shopping doing Winter. Maybe stupid as the chances of them dying is so much bigger then. But for me the risk it is worth it !     



Playful aesthetics 

Due to my love for design and fashion, I also turn a lot to my personal style when something is challenging me. It could be either the weather, the darkness or something else. 
Feeling good in my skin, but also expressing confidence, positivity and openness are just some of the things that fashion, design and art give me. 

So, the girly military trend fits perfect to my January state of mind. 

military trend


– Maja