Happy Friday my dear fiends!

A quick “my style post” from me.
It is amazing how warm (you know what I mean) it has been lately – I mean we are in the end of January and it is over 10°. Or not amazing really, if you think about the bigger picture. Then it is actually insanely terrifying.

It was very interesting, the other day I read an article about “which type you are in how you tackle the global environmental crisis”. As humans we are often “too human” to deal with such massive and disruptive confrontations in completely logical ways. So we tend to deal with them in a number of other, kind of predictable, ways. Some of us are for instance positivists, some are deniers and others are cynicals, who just believe that we all are domed. 

my style
XXXXbag, Mango // sneakers, Hi-Tec // skirt, H&M // blouse, Zara (similar) // watch, ChrisCopenhagen

My style

I definitely don’t wanna think that we all are doomed.. I strongly believe that positive encouragement and unity are the way to go, when you want to change something. Anything. But especially our mentality towards waste and how we use the ressources from our planet. 

But regardless – it is insanely warm in January! Even warm enough for me to be able to shoot some “my style” pictures outside without my jacket..

My style has been very inspired by denim lately. Denim skirts, denim suits, denim jackets and of course denim jeans. Denim is also going to be one of the really big things in 2018. Especially denim head-to-toe. And not just the blue kind, but also white denim and perhaps even colored denim for the bold ones. I am excited!


my style

my style

my style

Weekend plans

Talking about sustainability I wanna make a quick promotion for Sustain Daily – the über cool blogger community I am part of. 
They are having a fundraiser event tonight for their magazine Sustain Yearly, which I also have made a (very small) contribution to. They need some monito$ in order to be able to publish the magazine on a bigger scale and are therefore preselling the magazine online, and at their kick off event later. Come and check it on your way home from work. It would be a great way to start of the weekend. There’s gonna be lots of free beers, snacks, interesting talks and inspiring people

You can buy the magazine with lots of inspirational articles on how to live more sustainable, here.


my style
my style
my style

Happy, happy weekend all. May you have an amazing one.

– Maja