Some über cool February Copenhagen events are on the program this month. Here’s my top picks, featuring which IT-restaurant to try doing dining week and where to stuff yourself with gourmet chocolate.

It has btw been torture to research all the great things that are going on in Copenhagen, while being sick and homebound. Because, our city is really rocking right now! All the cool stuff that are going on might not be so obvious as in cities like London, but they are there. They just have to be researched a bit – and that is exactly why I thought these posts were a good idea. 

February Copenhagen events

February Copenhagen events

I had a hard time choosing what should make this “February Copenhagen events”-roundup. Perhaps I should expand it to 5 picks next month.. Yet, it should still only by the best of the best (according to me :). So here is what I think is worth engaging in with the city, in February. 

Chokolate festival

I have never gone to one of the Chocolate festivals, yet. Neither here or in London. And I have no idea why. I love chocolate (like every normal human being) and have actually also developed an interest in cooking and experimenting with it. Some people say that chocolate is like wine. You can get numerous amounts of different versions. Some spicy and rich, some sweet and elegant, some fruity and playful. And, like wine, the price often resembles the quality. 

Go to the festival to learn more about the delicious product, and obviously – to stuff yourself with free chocolate samples. 
The festival is held at TAP1 on the 24th and 25th of February. 


February Copenhagen eventsFebruary Copenhagen events

CPH light festival

This is seriously one of the greatest initiatives I have heard of in a long time. Performance artists have before experimented with outside winter-lights as part of various city installations, but this is the premier of a whole light festival.
It is a great way to merge people with the city, and to fight the mass frustration over overly dark days. And, then it is damn beautiful. 

I know I am going to the winter lights in Tivoli, but there is also a balloon-forest and a light spectacle at Nikolaj Plads that sound very interesting.
The festival is happening all through February at various locations. 


February Copenhagen eventsFebruary Copenhagen events

Dining week and the how-to-try restaurant

Of course I wanna go to dining week! You have probably already heard of it and have perhaps also already bought tickets. But did you know that there is a Tivoli dining week as well this year!? And a cocktail week?  

I am über exited about the Tivoli dining week, because that means I get an excuse to try Nimb’s Gemyse, a restaurant that has been on my radar for a loong time! They are supposedly magicians with the vegetables and use all organic ingredients.
I just checked and plenty restaurants in both Tivoli-, the regular- and cocktail- dining week are still open for bookings (Including Gemyse). 
So hurry up and secure yourself a cheap round of gourmet food if you haven’t yet- it probably won’t last much longer!

– Maja