My name is Maja, and I am a twenty-something Copenhagen girl. 
This online platform is about inspiration and I will share everything that I find exactly that. I love fashion, colours, flowers, ice cream, restaurant visits, good wine and innovative vegetarian food. am a positivist with a big P and I believe in encouragement, positive motivation and smiling at grey days to make them sunny. 
The blog is following therefore not afraid to applaud the smallest wonders in life – like a pair of sparkeling girly glitter socks or the discovery of the most genius innovative new ice cream flavour 😉

The blog

I started this blog after moving to London to study my Master in Media and Communications in the Summer of 2016.The blog started as a way for me to share my creativity and view on inspiration, get away from uni’s heavy and serious reading style and further as a way to push myself to try new experiences, and go for the things that I want. 

The blog is of course evolving with both me and the location I am in, so naturally is has changed since I moved back to Copenhagen. However, that means that you can use the blog for travel-inspo for both Copenhagen and London – especially on the food front – as I how divided all of my restaurant reviews in city categories (which, hopefully will expand with one or two more eventually 😉 

Take a look around, and thank you so much for reading along.