I can’t say it enough times. If you want to see constant beauty and amazing nature please go to Santorini! It seriously is the most impressional place I have ever been. And I think that the fact that we saw 10 (?!) couples getting married down there proves it. It is so idyllic. And there […]

Best bikinis to go for this season

Hola all, Yes so what time should we start thinking about shopping for the perfect bikini? A couple of years ago my sister told me that she saw an article about how you should already start to look for a bikini in April, as the popular styles always get sold out super quickly. When you live […]

All the candy you could dream of !

A little morning update from the airport. I am finally on my way back to Copenhagen, where I am going to stay for 4 days, hopefully getting grounded and relaxed, and most importantly seeing all the lovely people that I miss so much. It was a really chaotic trip this morning, as my tube first was […]