Hi there 😘 I have had some beautiful days in Santorini, with a lot of walking and hiking around. Even though it is hard to believe, I think that all of the amazing food (and wine) that we eat and drink gets burned away pretty fast here. The other day we hiked Skaros rock, which actually […]


Hi all 😘 These day I am spending on the beautiful island of Santorini, and it is beyond all of my expectations. The traditional Greek white and blue houses based 250 meters above the crystal blue ocean, is probably one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen! Yesterday we hiked from the Santorini’s capital […]


Yes, this was stated by my sweet sister, who was visiting me from Sheffield this Sunday. Btw, I also tried them, and they were pretty damn good! The place is placed so insanely close to me, and I am honestly chocked I haven’t tried it before now. It is super super cozy, you can sit outside, […]


Outfit from the other day! Very pink and red but with contrasting belt and leather jacket. I love that the time has come to take out the leather jacket. It is always a nice turning point. However, even as the weather in London has just started to look more acceptable, the weather in Copenhagen is […]


– veggie that is – and finding nice vegetarian food in Paris is one of the harder foodie-tasks I have been on. But we did it – and the restaurants we eat at were absolutely perfect! Also for none-veggies! They were far from exclusively veggie, but had very (but few) nice veggie food to choose from. […]